About Us

Our Vision

To be a global hub for sustainable media and solutions that will lead to the creation of sustainable societies and communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear!

To create, disseminate and manage the distribution of balanced information that inspires audiences to act.

Core Values

  • We are creators, and we will disseminate information that will create sustainable impact.
  • We will inspire our audiences to act.
  • While providing solutions that are inclusive, we will collaborate to promote unbiased and the use of sustainable media.
  • Having Integrity as our watchword, together we will build the future we want.
Sania Ellydutt

Sania Ellydutt

Sania is a Freelance Journalist kick starting her career. She is of Indian descent and loves researching and writing. When she's not journaling you can find her taking the next flight to a new adventure.